6 Strategies to Implement Now to Cut Your Customer Complaints in Half

According to the FTC, debt collectors generate more complaints than any other industry. In just this past month alone, BCFP has received over 11,000 complaints that originate anywhere from mortgage and student loans to general debt collection services. No matter the origin, many of these complaints have one variable in common: customer call satisfaction.

Customer call satisfaction can greatly affect a business. Elevated customer experience standards can lead to an increase in collections and customer retention. Here are some of the key ways to optimize customer service on every call to reduce customer complaints as a whole.

Capture Every Conversation

There is no limit to the array of errors that can be made on a collector call. Monitoring every call will not only ensure that agents are staying compliant, but all successes and failures are assessed to determine actionable insights.

Speech analytics software can best assist in this process. With personalized agent scorecards, all issues are addressed head on. Call center managers have access to all call data and can identify and tackle performance issues with little effort.

Hold Call Review Meetings

Empower agents to initiate reviews of calls. This will ensure the feedback loop is created efficiently, and will allow agents to analyze their calls in real-time. If they don’t understand an outcome, these meetings can allow for manager-agent alignment.

By listening to calls together, performance and agent morale will improve, inevitably leading to a heightened customer experience.

Establish Standards

Don’t let ineffective calls fall through the cracks. Set the tone for agents and establish a set criteria of standards for all calls. Make sure that these standards touch on all aspects that have the highest impact to the business.

Review the calls in a speech analytics software and listen for keywords to determine if performance standards are met in each conversation.

Empower the Team to Self-Grade

Allow agents to score calls before any important training or performance review meetings. This will encourage agents to identify the areas of improvement they believe are most essential, and will also create teachable moments for any gaps in the assessment.

Provide Personalized Feedback

No two agents will produce the same results, therefore all feedback should be personalized to their performance. Feedback must be given to agents in real-time so that any issues can be fixed in a timely manner.

Manual scorecards do not provide a full, accurate scope of all calls and subsequent agent performance. Speech analytics software automates scores to ensure all standards of successful call criteria are met. With real-time analytics, agents receive guidance while on the call so that they can adjust their customer service during the conversation.

Listen to the Voice of the Customer (VOC)

By virtue of listening to every call, the voice of the customer can be heard. This will open a window into the actions of the customers and allow for an enhanced interpretation of what is needed for a call to be successful.

Through a speech analytics software, it is easy to monitor and analyze trends, problems, and opportunities. Proactively use this data to resolve issues in the customer experience and encourage higher customer satisfaction rates.