DMDC removing multi-record SCRA Scrubs?

DMDC announced no more batch processing or multi record requests for SCRA scrubs.

DMDC Notice:

August 27th, 2020 - Important Changes to SCRA


Effective Monday, August 31, 2020 at 5 pm PDT, SCRA will suspend all batch processing functions. User's uploading multiple record requests will no longer be able to download result files or certificates. Batch files that have been processed, before the 5 pm PDT cutoff time, will be available for downloading. Any files that have not been processed, before the 5 pm PDT cutoff time, will show an hourglass icon next to the file name, and users will not be able to download the results. Batch processing functions will remain suspended until further notice.

Users may continue to submit single record requests and receive single record results.

Update: this notice was removed on August 28, there has been no update since.


The DMDC announcement is disconcerting - while full-inventory batch scrubs are not a recommended process, they are used across the industry. If this change were to be reinstated, batch scrub processes would have to be quickly replaced. For clients using Surefire Data’s SCRA scrub (a subsidiary of Provana), their processes would remain intact if this change was reinstated.

Our SCRA compliance and intelligent document processing solutions give clients a point-in-time, compliant solution without using batch processing. It integrates seamlessly with existing tech infrastructures and provides individual, importable certificates.

If you’re using batch processing right now and would like to explore alternative options, we strongly recommend having a quick discussion so that Provana can help you identify the best way forward. 

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