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Tuesday, October 26

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12pm Central Time

On-demand Webinar:

Speech Analytics 2.0
A Year of Advanced Speech Analytics

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Speech Analytics 2.0:

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Speech Analytics 2.0:

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Join this webinar to hear how FBCS deployed an advanced speech analytics platform for their 200+ agents. FBCS runs customized call center programs for a variety of financial institutions and creditors. Doffie Howard, VP of Business Support, will describe how his team established automated compliance checks and standard operating procedures with our compliance module to increase productivity and deliver differentiated services to their clients over the last year.


Doffie Howard, FBCS

VP, Business Support


With about 23 years of experience, Doffie has experience of multiple roles from Collections Manager to CEO. He offers a unique perspective on the role of technology in a heavily regulated collections industry.

Karan Mathur

Product Head - Speech Analytics


Karan has about 10 years of experience with building Speech Analytics solutions for competitive advantage. He has worked with various client teams on product enhancements to align with market needs.

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