Dispute Resolution with Provana

Automated, Simplified, and Managed End-To-End.

The most compliant, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage your direct and indirect (e-OSCAR) disputes, integrated seamlessly with your existing ecosystem.

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Data furnishers without managed technology spend almost 2x the time and cost required to manage their disputes

Are you also one of them?

Managing direct and e-OSCAR automated credit dispute verifications (ACDVs) is a manpower-intensive, redundant, and one of the most high-volume activities done in the ARM industry

IPACS gets you a completely hands-off approach to dispute management using a unique combination of automation + manpower.

Disputes across channels managed on a single platform

Automated workflows ensuring nothing falls through the cracks

Customized rule-based automation for dispute resolution

Fully managed solution saving up to 60% cost

Timely Resolution of Disputes

Powerful Reporting to get insights on trends and root causes

Dispute Resolution with IPACS

IPACS® Dispute management solution provides an end-to-end solution to help you manage all your direct and indirect (e-Oscar) disputes. With a blend of system automation and our tech-enabled services, you can reduce your manual efforts and save cost you are spending today in managing these disputes by almost 60%.

left arrow Single Interface for e-OSCAR right arrow

Single Interface for e-OSCAR

Single interface showing information from the e-Oscar portal and your System of Record (SOR) and reporting the dispute outcomes back, making the process 2x more efficient. Configurable rule-based automation suggesting responses for each attribute and 100% automation of redundant disputes.

left arrow Centralized Dispute Tracking right arrow

Centralized Dispute Tracking

Centrally manage your Disputes with related documentation across channels like company website, mails, verbal, e-Oscar, etc. on a single platform with the ability to export the data into multiple client reporting formats. Role-based permissions with automated alerts to designated people ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

left arrow Information Exchange right arrow

Information Exchange

Interactive chat-like feature to request inputs from other stakeholders to respond to specific attributes or fields of the dispute with due dates and alerts.

left arrow OCR-Based Indexing right arrow

OCR-Based Indexing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability to identify correct accounts with corresponding data and automate the resolution based on information provided. Customizable algorithms with machine learning to improve over time.

left arrow BI and Analytics Dashboards right arrow

BI and Analytics Dashboards

Powerful reporting to segment data to gain deeper insights on disputes and their resolution with data showing trends and insights for identifying underlying issues. Dashboards with UNLIMITED customizations.


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Complaints and Dispute Management with IPACS

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Why Provana?

Because dispute management doesn’t exist in a vacuum

Provana is a leading provider of automation and outsourcing in the credit and collection space - we aspire to positively impact your process, performance, and profits at every step of the way.

With Provana, you get:

Industry leader for 8 years with 150+ happy clients

Part of a holistic compliance platform allowing rapid scalability

End-to-end SaaS solutions with a compliance-first approach

From software to managed - with limitless customizability

Standalone Software


  • Single platform that integrates with your SOR to manage & resolve direct and e-OSCAR disputes

  • Automatic rule-based resolution based on standard dispute conditions

  • Digitization and OCR capabilities for dispute documentation

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Technology + Team

100% Managed

  • All the benefits of the standalone software

  • Dedicated agents to validate and respond to disputes

  • End-to-end management including preparation of correspondence letters

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