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BPM Outsourcing That Drives Productivity And Profit

For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s a challenge to hire and manage staff who perform at a level that meets production needs and maintains profitability. Our BPM services provide optimized production at the capacity you need, when you need it. And at a minimum savings of 35%.


Our Perfect Employee® outsourcing model delivers a flexible, reliable and affordable workforce specifically trained for the roles you require. Not only that, but we manage them and their production, freeing you of the responsibility.

With Perfect Employee®, you can:

  • Hand off the hiring, training, onboarding and managing of staff
  • Scale staff to meet fluctuating production needs
  • Take on additional work without hiring
  • Focus on business strategy, client management and process improvement
  • Enjoy reduced costs, minimized backlogs and faster time to payment
  • Execute big projects quickly

Employ The Perfect Workforce

Our offshore outsourcing services provide the Perfect Employee®, offering cost-effective production managed by us.


Highly Trained

Our associates receive extensive training on the industry and services they’ll be supporting prior to assignment, as well as on core responsibilities and processes.



Our associates are cost-effective compared to a local workforce. We only bill for time needed to fulfill the work – not idle time, overtime, sick time or other lost time.



Our associates perform at a rate equal to seven continuous hours of production and are held to a standard of quality consistent with production management best practices.



Our associates undergo in-depth compliance training, are certified prior to assignment and receive follow-ups annually or when standards change.


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A Partnership That Delivers Predictable Production


Optimizing your business starts with understanding it. Working closely with you, we capture the core responsibilities, processes and production drivers for the position and write a step-level procedure. Each associate then receives job-specific training that includes all compliance issues, testing and certification.

Between calls, breaks, training and other distractions, the typical employee doesn’t necessarily work the entire day. But we provide staffing that delivers seven continuous hours of work, each and every day. Because you only pay for work, and not downtime, you get predictable production and cost certainty.

Business Outsourcing

Tailored To Your Needs

Whatever your business, we work in tandem with you to apply BPM solutions that improve processes and performance. Built upon our years of expertise and insight, our outsourcing solutions include:




Call Center Monitoring


Litigation Support


Finance And Accounting


Audit And Compliance

We have deep experience in the ARM industry and the entire credit and collections ecosystem. On the lending side, our clients range from auto lenders, consumer finance companies and payday lenders to independent mortgage lenders, hotel chains and retailers.

Outsourcing Can Increase Productivity And Lower Costs

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