Ondeck Modernizes Its Third-Party Collection Management Network Using BI ReportsBusiness Intelligence


Ondeck Capital is a global B2B lending company that helps small businesses get the funds they need to manage their daily business operations. They provide a sustainable and scalable model of financing that enables small business to thrive. They work with third party collection servicers to manage the recovery of non-performing accounts through their established network of legal and non-legal service providers.


  • Capturing real-time data from multiple servicers’ disparate systems by establishing data pipelines is a difficult task.
  • Standardization and maintenance of data with a network of servicers can be exceptionally tedious and time consuming.
  • Not everyone has tools or resources to accurately track, monitor and compare servicer’s performance.
  • Data reconciliation is a tedious activity which requires a lot of resources
  • More time is spent building reports rather than getting insights out of it.

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Workflows Automated


Automated Refresh Process


Worth Cost savings through automated reporting (approximately 1 FTE)