One Of The Top 3 Telecom Providers Uses Provana’s Speech Analytics Solution to Enhance Their Call Monitoring ProcessSpeech Analytics


A major telecom provider in the US uses our Speech Analytics Solution to drive digital transformation in manual call monitoring and quality process.


The telecom provider performed call monitoring and quality assurance processes manually that did not provide necessary insight into real-time call compliance violations and potential risks. Before using Provana’s speech analytics solution, they requested only 50 calls from their agencies monthly, and only monitored 8 out of them. The process was inefficient and did not provide insight into real-time call compliance violations and potential risks. Outside collection agencies were self-biased and shared the best calls from their top agents as they had the flexibility to choose from any 50 calls. 

The process involved a lot of manual effort to access call data from different service providers. Call calibration and remediation was also a challenge.


Provana Speech Analytics Solution automatically monitors, scores and flag calls for

  • Regulatory violations: Identifying calls where recording disclosure, required statements, or incorrect information was given, right party identification was not done successfully, etc.
  • Risk Management: High-risk calls with scenarios, such as disputes, threats, and bankruptcy are flagged. 
  • Call productivity: Tracking long hold times to fetch customer details and long silence at the time of the wrapping-up call. 
  • Call review, remediation and calibration: Effective workflows within Provana’s speech analytics solution help in end-to-end call review, remediation and calibration.
  • Agent effectiveness: Identify if an agent or a third-party servicer needs coaching in following the right call flow, asking probing questions or for full and complete information, etc. that results in better information gathering. You can also track agent performance in terms of politeness, empathy, etc.

Agent Coaching

Pinpoint timestamps for coaching based on analytics. Provide on-the-fly results of all calls in a scorecard

Risk Management

High volume of calls processed to mitigate risk broadly. Compliance staff is focused on doing remediation and coching. Near-real-time coaching for agent


Labor intensive manual call review. Long cycle of review and coaching to agent

Continuous Improvement

Self-remediation and self-training for servicers, call data transfer process is automated


Provana’s ICAP speech analytics solution helped the telecom provider achieve the following.

  • 80% of manual call monitoring workflows automated
  • Enhanced risk mitigation due to high volume of call processing
  • More time to focus on core business areas i.e., remediation and coaching
  • Enabled self-remediation and self-training process for servicers
  • Eliminate labor intensive manual call review

> 50%

Reduction in call regulatory violations for 3 agencies in their network


Risk Management


Automated sync process